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Citrix Receiver on the Mac - Pipe Symbols

I've had problems for the past couple of years using Citrix Receiver on the Mac to communicate with a Windows desktop, and getting pipe symbols (|) to appear in a PuTTY session correctly. No amount of Googling helped, until today... SUCCESS!

Issuing SAN certificates using EasyRSA

To use Docker over a VPN it is necessary to use a certificate with a number of different host names (SANs, or Subject Alternate Names). Rather than pay hundreds for a wildcard or SAN cert from a certificate authority, I use EasyRSA to issue these types of certificates.

To issue a SAN server certificate, follow the usual steps for issuing a cert, but set the EASYRSA_EXTRA_EXTS variable first:

Debian Jessie update banjaxes PHP5

Upgraded this server today, and BANG there goes Drupal, showing off all its source code like the filthy cad that it is. It's my own fault really, running a CMS that is written in PHP; I'm just too lazy at the moment to face evaluating a replacement.

Installing Net::SSLeay on Mac OSX El Capitan

Install openssl using brew:

basestar:~ brad$ brew install openssl
Warning: openssl-1.0.2f already installed
basestar:~ brad$ brew link openssl --force
Linking /usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2f... 1561 symlinks created

(Note that the link step is important - even if you already have OpenSSL installed)
Set environment variables and install:

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